Artificial Grass at the 2018 World Cup

This year’s World Cup in Russia is played on a surface will be playes on tiny artificial grass blades mingled together with natural grass.

The Associated Press reports that synthetic lawn turf has teamed up with natural grass to become a new foundation for the soccer games at the 2018 World Cup. According to the article, artificial threads are driven eight inches into the surface and intertwined with the roots of the real grass.

While natural grass is still considered the best foundation for football games, the new mixture provides a more durable surface. The first use of the new surface was on June 13 in Polokwane when Algeria played against Slovenia. In addition, the stadium in Nelspruit features the same artificial and natural grass mixture.

Artificial turf didn’t always have a good reputation. Early issues with the synthetic product included drainage problems, flammability, fading and mold. However, technological advances have made it possible for manufacturers to create durable, synthetic surfaces for nearly every application, including sports. Today, artificial grass suppliers have developed synthetic surfaces that can be used for soccer, football, golf, rugby and baseball.

Made with heavy-duty all-weather materials, the synthetic athletic turf of today has a natural look and feel. It is also 100 percent UV resilient, comes with a 30-inch per-hour drainage capacity and has been shown to reduce athletic injuries by 40 percent.

Along with athletic applications, synthetic grass can also be used at home for lawns, pool surroundings and other areas. In fact, residential artificial grass is gaining popularity, as more people search for easy-to-maintain solutions for their lawns.

Author: Andre

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