Display your Sports Collectibles

If you want to show off your collection to the rest of the world, it is important to design an outstanding display. Whether you own a fancy teacup collection or a sports memorabilia collection, the following is a quick guide to making an impact with your collection display.

Choose one item as your centerpiece. Whether it is a signed baseball in a ball qube display case or a rare porcelain doll in a glass dome, place the object on the top shelf of a cabinet or above the fireplace. Make sure it is the first object people notice when they enter the room. Once they are attracted to the first object, the will be drawn to check out the rest of your collection.

Provide adequate lighting. Even if your prized possessions are neatly showcased in clear display cases, the wrong lighting can ruin the entire display. You can choose from a variety of recessed lighting, under-shelf halogen lights or simple table lamps to make sure your collection is well-lit.

Group items of similar size and visual appearance. To create balance and symmetry, arrange similar objects together. Grouping things together always creates a pleasing arrangement and avoids the cluttered or scattered look.

Author: Andre

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