RIP Kobe Bryant

It’s been one day since Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash!

Yesterday I couldn’t work, I couldn’t email, I couldn’t really work out, I couldn’t make any serious calls, I just couldn’t be me. I was sluggish, I was tired, I was just “off”. I never knew what an impact Kobe had on my life nor have I witnessed a legend just come to an end so abruptly. This not only took a toll on me, but you just felt it with everyone around you – you didn’t even have to¬†ask.

The man touched everyone — I mean EVERYONE!. We never met in person, I never got a picture taken with him and he never knew who I was. We all knew him though. We all cheered with him. We all laughed with him. We all smiled with him and we all challenged with him. His loyalty to the Lakers was like no other and his drive to success was unbelievable.

We all went through the same disbelief upon hearing the news – searching other media sources hoping it was some kind of joke, some kind of prank, or some kind of error. Today was different though… We all looked at our families today and we all gave them just that extra touch of love than what’s usual on a typical Monday… just because!

Interestingly, the moment he crashed, I was in a basketball orientation meeting for my son who’s about to start playing and who just got her first personal basketball last week and decided to hog it from his siblings as he’s slowly developing a love for the sport. He too will learn about this hero and the impact he had on everyone (both on and off the court).

Thank you Kobe for being there with me nearly 1/2 of my life and being an example of discipline, perseverance and a relentless drive to be the absolute best. May you, your precious daughter and the rest of the passengers on that chopper rest in peace and may the Lord comfort all your families during these difficult times.

Thanks for being an astounding example to us all and for reminding me to cherish and love what we already have that can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye.

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