Top Traits that a Goalkeeper Must Excel At

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Summary: A goalkeeper’s DNA is comprised of four important and interchangeable traits.

Goalkeepers tend to work best when under pressure and are forced to make a quick decision. Unlike any other position on the field, being a goalkeeper comes with the responsibility of saving a game. There are four major traits that goalkeepers must excel at to reach the pinnacle of their game. This article is designed to break down each one and discuss why it’s important.


Instinct and decision making go hand-in-hand when it comes to soccer. Other positions on the field can be rectified, but a goalkeeper must perform one single task – and perform it well.

With only a split second to react, a goalkeeper must always go with his or her first instinct and hope for the best. Failure to do so could result in your team forcing their way back into the game or even sealing the deal for the opponent.


A goalkeeper must have the proper footwork and agility to make incredible saves and grabs at the right time. In order for one’s feet to move quickly, one must possess a high level of coordination. While it might seem that goalkeepers develop naturally, there are an assortment of training exercises that can be performed to improve one’s coordination.


Remaining confident throughout the game can be your greatest asset. You’re the last line of defense and the fate of your team’s success or demise lies in your hands. For this reason, it’s absolutely essential for goalkeepers to believe in their ability. It must be a resounding command that resonates throughout the entire field. If a goalkeeper isn’t confident, chances are they’ll make a mistake at some point in the game. Remember, a goalkeeper possesses the ability to lift the entire team around him or her, so handling oneself confidently can impact every part of the game.

Ball Handling Skills

This attribute may not be high on many goalkeepers’ lists, but it’s a modern attribute that fits in with today’s developing game style. Your modern-day goalkeeper must be comfortable with the ball. This means dribbling and moving efficiently. In the past, a goalkeeper would only have to kick the ball as far as he or she could up the field. However, today’s game has changed, and goalkeepers are required to pass and receive the ball. This is one area that could have a major impact on the outcome of the game so do not ignore this.

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