True Colors Revealed on Synthetic Turf Fields

Although it is becoming increasingly common for academic institutions to install outdoor artificial turf on their playing fields, selecting the turf in a color other than green is not so common. But several High Schools are garnering national attention for doing just that. reports that Canyon High School has installed a red synthetic turf field on its football field, featuring white hash marks, black end zones with white lettering, and the school logo in red, black and white at the 50-yard line. The unconventional, red synthetic turf field was completed last month and matches the schools colors.

While Canyon High School is the first high school in the country to have a red football field, other high schools have been spotted sporting other hues. According to, Smithson Valley opted to buy synthetic turf for its football field in alternating panels of green. The new football field plans to go from light to dark green and the end zones will be blue.

Hidalgo High School is another high school that plays on an unconventional playing surface color. According to the article, Hidalgo high school athletes get to play on a blue football field.

Author: Andre

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