What to look for in a Running Watch

If you have just made running a part of your daily exercise routine – then you need to make a few good investments into that decision. First in line of course would a very good pair of running shoes and on top of that you might want to look into buying yourself a running watch as well. Running watches are especially helpful during an exercise routine and is an integral part of assisting you to make the most of it.

Sports watches are aplenty in the market, and deciding on one can be a difficult choice to make. However, there are a few features you have to look into when purchasing a running watch, some of them which not be available on a normal sports watch. The type of running you do also has a great deal to do with the kind of running watch you decide to buy.
If you plan to be a serious runner, then you need to go all out and get a running watch that has every possible feature on it. If you have just got into running for exercise, then you need a simpler watch. Look for these features:

Stopwatch chronograph
Lap storage and recall
Scratch resistant face
Comfortable watch band

A running watch with a digital display is always a bonus and is so much easier to read while running and when at arm’s length. A stopwatch chronograph will maintain running time down to a fraction of a second.
The simpler and less expensive running watches however will not have enough memory to store lap information, which means you lose these records every time you reset the chronograph. However, a running watch that keeps a history of your daily running sessions are fabulous as it helps to monitor your progress as well as help plan for future running routines.

Author: Andre

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